Adventure Tour In Lijiang

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3 Days | 4 nights

Adventure Tour In Lijiang

Praised as ‘a fairyland beneath the colorful clouds of southern China’, Lijiang is a beautiful destination with unique natural landscapes and brilliant history. Located in the northwestern Yunnan, Lijiang has been a habitat of 12 ethnic groups since ancient times, while the Nakhi people accounts 57.7% of the total population. Endowed with plenty of hills, crystal waters and steep peaks, Lijiang is an ideal destination for every nature lovers and adventurer. Arro Khampa has built hotel in tranquil Shuhe Old Town, which enables guests to experience the different cultures and landscapes inherent in these regions. By staying at the Arro Khampa Lijiang our tour takes you to experience the Ancient Tea-horse Road.

Trip Highlights

This trip is for adventurous travelers looking for an experience that offers the physical and cultural activities. We take you to explore the mystery of Ancient Tea-horse Road or to visit ancient temple by horse-riding and hiking, of course the Shuhe Old Town.

All activities are designed so that guests can experience authentic living heritage, which includes:

- Ancient Town visit such as Shuhe Old Towns

- Important temple visit such as Puji Temple

- Yoga class for proper and healthy breathing exercise.


Throughout the journey guests will be staying in Nakhi style boutique hotels . Arro Khampa Lijiang features an exquisite level of amenities, handpicked antique furniture and art collections, and a level of service that one wouldn’t expect for such places. Arro Khampa is the perfect place to revive a weary spirit and take welcome refuge from the long and winding road.

Trip Schedule

Program starts in Lijiang and ends Lijiang. All information in this itinerary is accurate to the best of our knowledge but please note that changes to our trips can and do occur.

Arro Khampa Lijiang

Day 1: Welcome to Beautiful Lijiang

Pick up from Lijiang Sanyi Airport, and drive to Shuhe Old Town(about 1 hour)

Check into Arro Khampa Lijiang  By Zinc Journey

Dinner at the hotel (Naxi Special Local Chicken Hotpot)

Roam around Shuhe Old Town after dinner

Day 2:Option 1  Exploring Tea-horse Road

Fairy Lake+Horse-riding+Hiking

Ø Have Yoga class for 1 hour before breakfast at 8 am.

Ø After breakfast, ride horse to Fairy Lake to find out the source of Lashi Lake, pass through the primeval forest, and have hiking experience  the original Ancient Tea-horse Road

Ø Have picnic lunch nearby Fairy Lake

Ø After lunch, hike around half hour to explore the original ancient tea-horse road, from there we can enjoy the jaw-dropping panorama of Lashi lake and others

Ø Return back to hotel for afternoon tea

Ø Dinner at the hotel to enjoy Local Naxi cuisine


Day2Option 2

Horse-riding+Puji Temple+Hiking

Ø Have Yoga class for 1 hour before breakfast at 8 am

Ø After breakfast, ride horse to visit Puji Temple, pass through primeval forest and have hiking experience on the original Ancient Tea-horse road

Ø Have picnic lunch at Lhapa grassland

Ø Dinner at the hotel to enjoy Local Naxi cuisine

Day 3: Departure

After breakfast, transfer to Shangri-La Airport.

Package Included

Airport transfer from Lijiang Sanyi Airport

Deluxe room in Arro Khampa

Welcome Fruit

Good night milk

Afternoon Tea

Transportation during the trip

Scenic Spot Ticket

Meals during the trip

Airport transfer to Lijiang Sanyi  Airport


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