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About Arro Khampa

The phrase Arro Khampa, Come on in, friends, is a Tibetan greeting that was used by the Netsangs – innkeepers – to pay homage to weary mule-caravan traders along the ancient Tea Horse Road.  Arro Khampa is a warm-hearted welcome providing instant sanctuary to the travelers that made it along the perilous 1800km journey to Lhasa, then on to Nepal and India.


Located in the ancient town of Shuhe, Lijiang Arro Khampa is a very quiet place next to the lively Lijiang Dayan oldtown. 10 minutes walk to the ancient town square market, Shilian Temple and Grand Stone Bridge, 10 minutes to the gate of the River. Convenient travel. Nice nature hiking route from hotel to Puji Temple.


Shangri-La Arro Khampa Is located in the heart of the ancient city of Dokhar Dzong. This ancient city is China's largest and most complete preservation of Tibetan residential groups, built on the ancient tea horse road. From the hotel, there is a great view of the big Buddha Temple. 3-minute walk to square market, and a 10-minute walk to New town. Nice natural hiking route from hotel to Lhakar Temple.

Dakpa Kelden, the founder of Arro Khampa Shangri-La; Arro Khampa Lijiang; and Arro Khampa Lhasa, is a legendary Tibetan Khampa. Born in India, he spent seven years in a monastery as a devoted Buddhist monk during his formative years. He learned about his hometown of Shangri-La from bedtime stories told by his father Ladho, a muleteer on the Tea Horse Road. His father instilled in him dreams of returning to his beloved home of Shangri-La in Tibet with “its grasslands, the untouched snow mountains, and the roaming wild yaks.” 

In 1987, aged just 16, Dakpa Kelden returned to Shangri-La with his father. As the only 17-year-old in a class of seven-year-old first graders, he put all his energy and much good humor into learning the Chinese language quickly, thus adding to his multilingual skills in English, Tibetan, Hindi and various regional dialects.  

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